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Josephson C550H Test Microphone

Josephson C550H

The Josephson C550H is a precision omnidirectional phantom powered measurement microphone made in the USA. The diaphragm has been specially aged for stability. This is the mic that many manufacturers copied the body from, but not the performance.

These mics are all matched for sensitivity at the factory, and all C550H will have the same sensitivity. They are individually serial numbered and have a calibration sticker on them.

The C550H has a capsule diameter of 13.2 mm (0.520") so it fits IEC Standard calibrators for nominal 1/2" microphones. Few measurement microphones sold in its price range are the standard diameter making it difficult to calibrate them.

You can download the manufacturer's datasheet here.

Josephson offers a 5 year warranty on all their microphones.

The C550H comes in a zipper bag, and is supplied with a shock mount in a foam lined box for $440.00 plus shipping. Ground shipping in the 48 states is $18.00 for one mic or $26.00 for two.

Purchase Josephson C550H Test Microphone using PayPal. (PayPal Confirmed shipping address in 48 continental USA states only.)

Email me at Sales@AudioToolbox.US. I accept all major credit cards and eChecks through PayPal, or you may pay by Money Order sent to the address below.

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